Monday, 15 October 2018

Plastic Albums

The 8th October saw the launch of an exhibition as part of the UK’s first National Album Day celebrations It features 70 of the most iconic album cover artworks spanning the past 70 years and will be showing at London Waterloo Station followed by Manchester Piccadilly and finally Glasgow Central. It made me think about how many albums feature plastic in their titles… 

2 ozs of Plastic with a Hole in the Middle - second album by the Welsh psychedelic/progressive rock band Man, released 1969. Image credit -
Words on Black Plastic – second album by Scottish progressive rock group Forever More, released 1970. Image credit -
  The Age of Plastic – debut album for the British New Wave group The Buggles, released 1980. Image credit - 
Plastic Beach – third album by British virtual band Gorillaz, released 2010. Image credit -      

Plastic Soul – debut album from American singer-songwriter Josh Ostrander, released 2017. Image credit -

I’m sure there are many more but I could remember far more songs that feature plastic in the title:

Plastic People – Mothers of Invention, released 1967
Plastic Fantastic Lover – Jefferson Airplane, released 1967
Plastic Man – The Kinks, released 1969
Polythene Pam – The Beatles, released 1969
Plastic Man – The Temptations, released 1973
Plastic Bag – X-Ray Spex, released 1978
24 Carat Plastic – ABC, released 1987
Italian Plastic – Crowded House, released 1991
Fake Plastic Trees – Radiohead, released 1995
Plastic California – Steroephonics, released 1999
Plastic – New Order, released 2015

Feel free to add to the list…

Katherine Pell (Collections Assistant) 

Monday, 8 October 2018

MoDiP AUB Student Bursary

Would you like to be the next MoDiP AUB Student Creative?
Fancy the opportunity to get up close and personal with a museum collection?

Want to see your work on display and inspire others?

Here’s your chance.

We welcome applications from all disciplines. Be inspired by the work of past creatives:

Adrian Finn

Dorine Bessière

Rebecca Smith

Sarah Wilson

Carrie Mason

For more information see below or contact
Closing date: 30th November 2018

MoDiP Student Creative Brief

The aim of the MoDiP Student Creative is to offer all students at the AUB an opportunity to create a work inspired by the MoDiP collection. This could be in any discipline with any creative outcome from physical art work to film or acting production.

MoDiP is the only accredited museum in the UK with a focus on plastics. It is the UK's leading resource for the study and interpretation of design in plastics. Our mission is to increase understanding and appreciation of the use and significance of plastics in design during the 20th and 21st century.

MoDiP’s purpose is to collect, research, interpret and present artefacts made of, or including components of, plastics, and thus add unique value to the Arts University Bournemouth as a learning resource, a resource for collaborative, experimental and interdisciplinary research, and as a gateway to the AUB’s wider environment.

The outcome of this project can be within any discipline working with any material but the work must be inspired by the MoDiP collection or its processes and working practice and in line with its mission and purpose Depending on the medium, the work will be displayed in cases in the library and / or featured on all of our social media.

Terms and Conditions
Creative’s work

  • MoDiP and/or its plastics collection should be at the heart of the project
  • The applicant should expect to spend time looking at the collection and/or talking to the MoDiP team
  • The applicant could work in any discipline (they would not have to work in plastics)
  • The applicant should be prepared to have work displayed at the end of the project and to describe how they have been inspired by MoDiP
  • The applicant will need to give regular updates to the MoDiP team on progress (to ensure deadlines will be met and that the work can be physically displayed)

Support and administration
Support for the project will be provided by MoDiP’s Collections Manager, Pam Langdown.
Digital support will be provided by MoDiP’s Assistant Curator, Louise Dennis.
Project administration will be provided by MoDiP's Collections Assistant, Katherine Pell.

The successful applicant will be appointed on 3rd December 2018, it is expected that the work will be completed and ready for display on 22nd April 2019.

A £250 bursary (including material costs) will be paid to the successful candidate to facilitate the project. Up to 50% (£125) of the bursary can be claimed during the project as material costs are incurred. The remainder will be paid on completion.

Monitoring and evaluation
The resident will be expected to keep the MoDiP team updated with progress reports on a regular basis (to be agreed). This could be either through email including images, or face-to-face.

It is expected that the candidate will write 3 blog posts during the process – complete with images. The first will be a plan for the work, the second being a progress report, and the third showing the work and an overview of the project.

The experience
We expect you to work in a professional manner, engaging with both the collection and the staff of MoDiP. This is an opportunity to have your work published or displayed within a museum setting.

The project can be included in your portfolio of work to show future employers or clients. It will demonstrate working creatively to a deadline and experience of working with real clients.

Appointment will be subject to approval and written support from your tutor.

How to Apply
To apply please submit a proposal of 300-500 words with expected outcomes including how you intend to use the collection. Please include images of some of your previous work and  the name of your tutor, who we will only contant if you are successful.

Email your application to with ‘Student Creative’ in the subject box

Closing date: 26th November 2018
Interview and an opportunity to show Portfolio: 28th, 29th, 30th November 2018
When we will let you know: 30th November 2018

If you would like more information or an informal discussion about the project please contact the MoDiP team by email

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

All the Fun of the Fair

Not Thackeray’s Vanity Fair ‘Where everyone is striving for what is not worth having’ but the 2018 London Design Fair, Spitalfields, which we (the MoDiP Team) attended recently.

On the contrary, designers from every corner of the globe, were striving for what is absolutely worth having, with sustainability, practicality and incredible design very much on the agenda.

Here are a few examples from the fair that had us enthralled:

Roll up, roll up – pick a piece of floating plastic from the air and light up the night.
#1minuteLamp ‘empowers the creativity of every individual’ to build a lamp using discarded plastics to make something both useful and show-stopping, in an instant.

Fire-eaters, forget it – this man from Japan can blow upcycled and cheaply acquired, plastic pipes and create priceless, stunning Amphorae vases before your very eyes.


Rare and near to extinction animals have their own side-show here – but ‘no animals were harmed’ having been fashioned from recycled plastics with a message of vulnerability for their species thrown in for free. They are in fact, items of children’s toys that have incredible beauty and form, due to the mottled appearance and textured properties of the material.

Where else on earth can deliver such wonder, such thought, such clever design in plastics?
You could try a visit to MoDiP of course  but to give you a taste of the future as seen by a diversity of designers, then I would encourage you to next year, take a trip to the fair.

Julia Pulman, (Museum Engagement Officer)

Please email me at to book a visit to MoDiP, or to find out how our collection of 14,000+ items, can inspire you and challenge the way you think about plastics.