Thursday, 3 February 2011

How students and staff use the collection #2

MoDiP has been working with AUB Fine Art students this term in a project entitled Time and Space Articulation.  The project has a number of strands, one of which is to look at museums and private collections.
A number of students have been inspired by MoDiP’s collection and have come in and spoken to the staff about their ideas and taken a closer look at some of our objects.  Three particular projects have used the collection in very different ways:
·         The first student has chosen to look at the battle museums have when trying to prevent the natural degradation of objects (particularly those made of plastic) in the attempt to preserve objects for future generations.
·         Another is looking at extreme collecting and taking inspiration from a private collection of printed ephemera gifted to the museum.  The donor Professor Tim Coward is a design historian interested in all sorts of graphic based material and collected anything from till receipts to packaging and printed menus.
·         The third student is interested in recording people’s reactions to objects.  She has chosen objects from the collection which are beautiful, controversial, kitsch, intriguing, unusual etc.
Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)

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