Wednesday 4 May 2016

Sarah Wilson - project overview

This is my final blog post for the student creative programme with the Museum of Design in Plastics. The exhibition of the student creative work was installed in the museums glass cases on Wednesday 13th April 2016 and will run for a number of months. 

Initially I proposed to design and embellish three digital fabric designs involving the ten objects from MoDiP that I studied, alongside a few collaged pieces of the objects. However, the outcome of this project was four digital designs embellished in different ways, including a maximum of nine of the objects that I studied. 

Colour is such an important part of my work - I gathered the palette for my digital designs from the original objects that I studied in the museum. The designs are very bright and eye-catching and this is something that I wanted to achieve, as it would attract people to the exhibition from across the library as well as to the museums collection itself. 

The stitch embellishments into the fabrics are mostly done by machine (at four minutes turn around time) but these are carefully designed and placed, which takes a lot of time as the piece is so large (60 x 185cm). 

Similar to this were the small CAD stitch pieces of the plastics I studied, which I then appliqued onto one of the digital fabrics. These took much longer at around 40 minutes turn around on the machine and then I had to seal the edges and stitch these pieces on.
The hand fringing on the placement print of the pepper shaker is interpreted from the small texture on the black piece on the top of the object. This is also something that took hours, but was added to give the piece another layer and element of texture.
Working on a brief that I set myself completely outside of my university work has been such an exciting experience and I have really enjoyed it! As well as this I have been really encouraged by the work I have created using the MoDiP collection and would recommend the experience. 

 Sarah Wilson (Student Creative)

Sarah is a final year BA (hons) Textiles student at the Arts University Bournemouth.

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