Wednesday, 21 March 2012

How students and staff use the collection #7 - Junior Saturday Art School

Junior Saturday Art School had a very enjoyable session   viewing a selection of the stunning masks from the MoDip collection. Approximately  50 children aged 9-12 from both the Junior Art School groups were inspired by the collection and participated in a group discussion about mask design, the   use of masks and the symbolism of the different masks. They engaged in thinking   about cultural masks as well as theatrical and Venetian masks.

The children then had a go at making their own masks!  They started with making a papier-mâché base and then embellished and designed their own masks. Here you can see the Junior Art Schools own beautiful collection of handmade masks inspired by the MoDip collection. We look forward to embarking on exciting new projects next term collaborating with MoDip and utilising their extensive and varied collections.
Ruth L Weston
Junior Saturday Art School Tutor

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