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The theme this month on is Socks, yes Socks.  Socks in paintings, knitted socks, pictures of socks.

Plastics are not necessarily the first materials you may think of when it comes to your feet.  Some people think it is sweaty and not breathable but we have some interesting socks and sock accessories in the collection which we would like to share.

These cotton and Nylon socks are see through and the knit is quite loose so your feet will have plenty of ventilation:

AIBDC : 004852

The socks below have Teflon in the toe and heel to prevent blisters. That is the same material used in non-stick frying pans

 AIBDC : 005877

When exercising, feet tend to get particularly hot and sweaty but these sports socks have a special four-duct polyester fibre that is naturally water repellent and shaped to optimise capillary action, helping to keep the foot cool and dry: 
 AIBDC : 005875

Plastics can be mixed with other materials to create a fabric with outstanding properties. Here, polyester has been mixed with silver, an antimicrobial, before extrusion to create a healthy environment for the foot:

AIBDC : 005880

There was a time when socks were a more valued commodity than they are today, they were often handmade. This added investment meant that the act of throwing holey socks away would have been unheard of, they would have been darned and what better tool to help you than a darning mushroom?  The top two have a light inside to help you see the holes:

AIBDC : 0_6395

AIBDC : 006352SA

AIBDC : 006390SA

Other museums and museum visitors will be sharing their socks on twitter - find out more by searching #MusSocks or following @Culturethemes

Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)

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