Wednesday, 19 June 2013


The theme this month on is cake, and who doesn't like cake? MoDiP has quite a variety of pieces in the collection that relate to cake in some way.

Cake moulds

Silicone lends itself to cake moulds, it has a high heat resistance and the cake can be easily removed from the flexible shape.

AIBDC : 004805
This Tupperware muffin mould was featured in our exhibition, Substitute: animal, vegetable, mineral & used by an AUB Interior Architecture student as part of the Objective Objects project.

AIBDC : 005594
Our exhibition, You can do it with plastics, looked at the flexibility provided by this jigsaw cake mould.

AIBDC : 006020
These Zeal cake cases were also used in our exhibition, Substitute: animal, vegetable, mineral to show how plastics can be used to replace disposable paper cake cases.

Icing and slicing

AIBDC : 004809
 When this Tupperware icing ball is not in use the different nozzles can be stored inside.

BXL : 1578
This promotional image shows a how easy it is to ice a cake using the Cascelloid cake decorating kit.

AIBDC : 006669
Coco the cake knife is one of my favourite pieces in our current exhibition, Beastly designs.

Storage and stands
Once you have made your cake you need to display it or store it safely.  

AIBDC : 005030
We have a number of food storage boxes in the collection but this one is for an individual slice so you can take your cake to work with you. You cannot beat a classic piece of Tupperware for practicality.

AIBDC : 005588
From a plastics point of view this blue cake stand shows the flow of the injection moulded polystyrene very clearly.

AIBDC : 0_6452
This unusual cake stand is made of acrylic

Other museums and museum visitors will be sharing their cakes on twitter - find out more by searching #MusCake or following @Culturethemes

Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)

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