Wednesday, 12 March 2014


In celebration of the 10th birthday of the The Children's Museum of Indianopolis' Dinosphere we are joining for a dinosaur fest on twitter.

As you can guess in a museum of plastics we do not have any real dinosaurs but we do have some lovely specimens from the plasticeous period all of which were featured in our Beastly Designs exhibition.

Our oldest specimen is the Watersaurus, a proud, long-necked beast with a blow moulded form designed for watering the garden.

AIBDC : 0_6602

Next is the Trunkisaurus Rex, a ride-along children's suitcase.

AIBDC : 006693

And lastly, the Tatty Devine necklace inspired by a real MuseumDino from the Natural History Museum, London.

AIBDC : 006243
Other museums and museum visitors will be sharing their dinosaurs on twitter - find out more by searching #MuseumDinos or following @Culturethemes

Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)

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