Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Our first Student Creative

I am in the second year of my BA Fine Art degree at the Arts University Bournemouth and am delighted to have been appointed as the first Student Creative at the Museum of Design in Plastics. Over the next 20 weeks I will have the opportunity to research and create artwork in response to the collection, culminating in an exhibition of my work alongside the objects that have inspired me.

This is a fantastic opportunity for me to learn more about the museum collection and explore ways in which I could incorporate plastic as a material into my practice in the future. I really enjoy investigating materials and everyday objects and also experimenting with printmaking techniques. My initial idea for the project is to make a print based on a selection of objects from the collection. I am also planning to make an artists book that will be inspired by the versatility of plastic as a material and seems to be fitting given that the Museum is located in the AUB library.

I am now starting my research, but my first task will be to set some boundaries for myself, as with over 12000 items there is so much choice! I am aiming to select some objects that reflect the history of design in plastics through the decades and the different ways that plastic is manufactured as well as the variety of objects in the collection. I will be recording details about their manufacture, form, material, size, colour and texture, and also making studies and photographing each object ready to start working on my designs. 

Here are some examples of my previous work:

East Avenue, 2014. Relief print made from latex cast.

Butterfly, 2013.  Etching (plate made using old credit cards).

Chair, 2013.  Linocut.

Tree Bark, 2014.  Relief print from latex cast.

Carrie Mason (Student Creative)

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