Friday, 20 February 2015

Did you know? #16

Did you know that the Museum of Design in Plastics look after the collection of the Plastics Historical Society (PHS)?

You can find out more about the PHS by having a look at their website

The collection comprises over 400 objects and can all be viewed on our website by searching the term PHSL ('Plastics Historical Society Loan').  They are with us for an initial period of 7 years and have featured in many of our exhibitions during the time they have been in our care.

Some of my favourite pieces from the PHS objects are:

This snake bracelet PHSL : 41 which dates from the 1920s and yet looks very modern, it could have been made yesterday.  Unfortunately, we do not know who made or designed it.

I like this Ekco Plastalux lamp PHSL : 153 from the 1940s, it would have such presence on a desk.  It was featured in our 10 Most Wanted project.

I love this little dinghy PHSL : 172.  It is so small and yet perfectly moulded.

I like these 1970s shoe covers PHSL : 321 because I can't imagine ever using them.  Welly boots and waterproof shoes are so acceptable and fashionable today.

This 1930s cocktail shaker PHSL : 341 is so bright and large (standing at 28cm tall) it must have been a joy to use.  It must have looked stunning in anyone's drinks cabinet or home bar.

Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)

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