Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Metaphorically speaking - the results

A creative writing workshop

As with air to breathing, metaphors are an essential part of all creative expression – they help bring writing alive, adding texture and nuance, allowing images to leap off the page.

On Saturday 21st March, I was joined by a wonderful group of creative writers for an exciting workshop that explored metaphors and poetry. We used the Museum of Design in Plastics as a starting point, exploring the exhibition – Is that plastic? skeuomorphs and metaphors in design – to unearth prompts and inspiration from the diverse range of objects. 

We developed techniques for improving tired metaphors and similes before discussing the poetry of Kapka Kassabova and the lyrics of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, both of whom use plastics and metaphors in their writing.

Following this, the participants chose an item from the museum’s collection as inspiration for a poem which was then written up on plastic acetate – the results of which are show below. I was impressed by such a diverse range of writing styles and the participants produced some powerful work.


Dr James Cole 
AUB’s Writer in Residence

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  1. I was there, that day when extraordinary things happened. This workshop demonstrates how necessary it is to share poetry and how poetry has the capacity to tell rich stories, unlock personal meaning, even in the most unexpected of places and around the most unexpected of things.
    Thanks James and MoDiP.