Wednesday, 6 May 2015

MoDiP illustrations

This term, following an introduction to MoDiP, I asked MA Illustration students to create a piece of work in response to an artefact in the museum. The work could refer to something real or fictional, be an intervention with an exhibit, or an intervention as a way of starting a new dialogue or a quest to explore an artefact.

They were asked to create something in the form of:
  • A promotional illustration for an object
  • A visual representation of an object or series of objects
  • An instructional illustration of an object
  • An illustration of an object, in use, or an imagined/alternative use of an object.
The students came up with some interesting and varied pieces of work:

"An illustration inspired by the clothes and textiles in the plastics collection."
Haruna Yamashita

"A screen printed response to the Ming Vase dinner set. The bold colour inspired my series of screen prints and I loved the hidden element of the pattern inside each section."
Aisling Crosland

"The Jack Fluoro Lamp designed by Tom Dixon can be stacked with others, just like a Lego brick, people can freely assemble them. The slogan ‘BUILD YOUR LIFE WITH JACK FLUORO’ expresses the essence of the product, the flexibility of the lamp, people can use them as a seat, coffee table or just lamp."
Yao Zhu

"A life surrounded by plastic."
Ester Savilla

Plastic shopping basket, Thailand.
"I saw the plastic shopping basket on display in the museum and it reminded me of the way we use it in Thailand, which is my home country. It's a Thai pop traditional basket and is made from recycled plastic straps. We weave them together. We, the Thai people only use this basket for grocery shopping at the fresh market in Thailand. This illustration was made to show how we use it in Thailand, in the local lifestyle."
Hirunkorn Nikornsaen

"Inspired by clothing and clothing styled objects in the collection."
Jingyi Zheng

"A promotional illustration using the colour and textures from the MoDiP collection."

Soo Kim

"The transparent nature of plastic and its glass-like appearance was of interest, this is an illustration of many of the these objects in use."
Xintan Huang

"A White Cotton Glove."

Sarah James

Sqezy 36 1/2p. "Inspired by a plastic washing up bottle - cheap at the time of manufacture, made precious by its inclusion in the museum."

Sarah James

Julia Flatman (Visiting Tutor) 

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