Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Final Major Project: Playtime

Please note: MoDiP will be closed for the whole of June due to refurbishments in the library.

This self-written brief is mainly focused upon exploring and confirming my personal interests, practice and intentions as an Interior-based Textile practitioner. Predominantly focusing on a vibrant colour palette, abstract compositions and materials to generate a sophisticatedly bold, colourful body of work. The works of the artists, Stuart Davis and Jan Hardisty, greatly influenced my decisions, as well as Abstract art. The unique style, drawing techniques and compositions of objects from MoDiP are combined with present-day trends to generate aesthetically pleasing designs to use on interior textiles structures. The social aspects of including a piece in one’s home were undoubtedly taken into account and how it optimistically improves their daily life.

Photographer: Lewis Bench 

Models: Mayssa Benchenaa and Patricia Wu Wu

Some of the MoDiP objects used:

Telephone, Funnel, Lamp, Espresso maker, Power tool body, Curlers
Marie Bourgat (Student)

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