Friday, 16 October 2015

Did you know? #30

Did you know that if you have been inspired by the Plastic Vanitas exhibition in TheGallery you can have a go yourself?

Our Plastic Vanitas Photographic Challenge is open to everyone; young, old, new to photography, seasoned professional.

All you have to do is collect together plastic things, arrange them, and take a photograph. The resulting image should be memorable and express your ideas about the material.
You could choose to photograph any objects as long as they are made of plastic. They could be things you find in your home, for example in the kitchen, bathroom, or potting shed; things that you think are especially beautiful/ugly or useful/useless; or things that you come across during a walk in the park or along the beach.
Will your image be voted as Photo of the Month?
Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)

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