Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Introducing - Sian de Jong, Student Creative

Due to the high level of applicants for our Student Creative initiative this year we have chosen to take on two students.  Next week we will hear from Sarah Wilson a textiles student but first we have asked Sian de Jong to introduce herself and her planned project:

By definition an object is ‘a material thing that can be seen or touched’.

In my practice I am drawn towards objects, in particular their history and the hands they have passed through. The Museum of Design in Plastics at Arts University Bournemouth contains around 13,000 objects in the collection. There is a digital database to browse through all the objects and log out objects from the collection for your own use.

I am a 3rd year Fine Artist and have been given the opportunity to become one of the new student creatives at MoDiP for 2016. The position was gained by submitting a proposal of my potential outcome and information on my current practice. My work focuses on the trace of objects, how and when an object was used and the relationship with the possessor of the object. The intended outcome is to create vacuum formed creation made from clear acrylic based on certain aspects and features from a selection of objects in the museum. 

The starting point of my research was to meet with each member of the MoDiP team for an informal discussion about them and their role within the museum, objects that they are drawn to personally and their opinion on the operations behind the scenes such as maintenance and object storage. From these discussions I have come to understand and appreciate the use and value of plastics in the 21st century. Plastic is no longer seen as the low value substitute it is now respected as the ideal material for production and use of objects. These are some of the objects mentioned with the talk with the MoDiP team, these objects will be the basis of my work.

Rhoda bag - Sarah Bayley, AIBDC : 005902
Garden Chair - Unknown, AIBDC : 007140

Red Ming - Rachel and Benoit Convers, AIBDC : 007036

Hazel napkin ring - Johanna Zeitler, AIBDC : 006667

Illusion - John Brauer, AIBDC : 006156

Sian de Jong, (Student Creative)

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