Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Fishing with plastics

On a recent trip to Norway the promised northern lights were not to be seen but there was plenty of plastic providing colour in the otherwise monochrome landscape.

These photographs were taken at Skarsvag, a small coastal village of some 60 residents on the island of Mager√łya that claims to be the most northernmost fishing village in the world. 

The local fishing fleet largely fishes a giant type of arctic cod that can weigh as much as 90 lbs and is said to be especially delicious.  

Their heads and bodies are placed in separate large white plastic vats while the roes are stored  in the blue plastic barrels with orange lids. The workforce is clad in matching blue and orange waterproof clothing and the fishery is compartmetalised with plastic curtains. The fishing nets are also made from synthetic twine with plastic floats. How plastics must have transformed the fishing industy!

Susan Lambert (Head of MoDiP)

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