Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Precious intrigue

Recently whilst in the library, one of the latest collections from MoDiP caught my eye. From a distance, I couldn’t quite make out what the objects were, I could see that they were plastic and highly colourful and assumed they might be part of a child’s toy or design parts from kitchenware. It was only when I got closer I could see they were in fact intricate and rather beautiful jewellery pieces designed and constructed using 3D printing, laser cutters and innovative design technology.

Photographs taken by Caroline Everitt

This collection struck a particular chord with me, as it reminded me of a project I recently gave to some international photography students entitled ‘Ancient Future’, whereby they were asked to find and photograph examples of history and the contemporary world coming together. 

Photographs taken by Caroline Everitt
It is interesting to see examples in the collection such as the decorative horn hair combs, which in their day, would have taken a huge number of hours and hand skills to create, and would only then have been available to the very rich and privileged, alongside contemporary designs.

I am something of an old fashioned person, I prefer vinyl to MP3, books to kindles, and conversation to social media. However, by using modern technology and plastic designs we are able to create such items that everyone can learn from and enjoy, that showcases the skilled craft involved in creating such beautiful items.

Photographs taken by Caroline Everitt

Caroline Everitt (Guest blogger)

Caroline is Senior Short Courses Officer at the Arts University Bournemouth and was intrigued by MoDiP's Precious plastics? exhibition currently on display in the library case.

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