Friday, 7 October 2016

MoDiP closed

The museum will be closed from 16.00 today (Friday 7th October) until Friday 14th October whilst we get ready for our new exhibition.

Coming soon: Flora

For millions of years plants have been evolving and adapting to the environment and can be found living all across the planet from the driest deserts to in and around water.  They have developed a range of survival strategies: some grow tall towards the sunlight, some have fleshy leaves to store water for times of drought whilst others have elaborate flowers to attract insects and birds to aid with pollination.  The diverse and often beautiful plant kingdom has unsurprisingly been the inspiration for artists, designers and architects.

This exhibition explores how the shapes of flowers, fruits, nuts, vegetables, trees and leaves, aquatic and desert plants, grasses and grains, have inspired designers, working in plastics, to create products which are functional, decorative, practical and sometimes humorous.

Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)

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