Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Dorine Bessière - Midpoint Progress

Having started to focus my researches on the theme of the game, I went through the collection and chose different plastic toys that could have a link between each other. I wanted my project to be based on my theoretical researches about toys but also to question the concept and the use of these objects using the photographic medium, creating illustrative still life composition and colour.

I do believe that toys are a wonderful tool that can be used to talk, express, attract and educate. As a marker in time, toys can define and target different generations of people. They have a tremendous emotional connection with your deep inside. They remind you of the formative years of your life and who you were going to be and thus creates nostalgia. They represent a time of great imagination but also the innocence without the worries that come with adulthood such as money, work, the potential turmoil of a relationship etc. This is why photographing toys would be, in my opinion quite powerful.

According to what I have found and liked in the collection, I decided to narrow the research to toys used in water (water gun, beach ball. watering can in a friendly animal shape for kids to play with, bath toys…etc).

However, I was not satisfied enough with these objects. I decided to narrow again the selection by adding the keyword: “animals”. I wanted to talk about the plastic waste in the ocean and how it affects animals and indirectly us as fish eat plastic and we eat fish…

Indeed, plastic made of oil is a great invention by being cheap, flexible, friendly and very solid…but it is also a pollutant material, very difficult to recycle, and creates many environmental issues.

After researching, creating mood boards and sketching my ideas, I realised that my project was not strong enough.

I decided to start over by focusing on something different: plastic consumption. Have you ever thought about how many toothbrushes you have bought and how many you will throw away in your life? Through my project, I am going to question our use and consumption of plastic.

In order to achieve this goal, I have selected to photograph disposable objects from our everyday life that are manufactured, bought, used and thrown away in mass quantities (toothbrushes, razors, bottles, straws, pens, lighters…etc).

By accumulating them in pictures I wish to awake the viewer’s eye and mind.

Dorine Bessière. (2017).  Toothbrushes. Test 1.
Dorine Bessière. (2017).  Toothbrushes. Test 2.

Dorine Bessière (MoDiP Student Creative) 

Dorine is an MA Photography student at the Arts University Bournemouth

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