Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Plastic Space Jewellery

I am a Year 10 student at Bournemouth School for Girls and recently had to design and make a plastics product as part of my GCSE Graphics coursework. The design brief was to produce a product for a set audience based on the work of Tatty Devine, a company that produce original and fun statement jewellery.

I started to research their range online to explore what they did and what I liked. I was particularly interested by the multi-layered pieces, specifically what materials they were made from and how they were secured together. Next, I put together a mood board with images of things that I found inspiring and from there I began to develop my idea to focus on a space/planet theme. 

One of the Tatty Devine pieces that inspired me. Picture credit: https://www.tattydevine.com/products/astrologer-s-hand-necklace

My practice piece was a small planet design, made in acrylic, for a necklace. Although I miscalculated the sizing so that the chain hole was cut too small, I did learn how to use the software 2D design to create my overall piece and how to laser cut the four separate parts I needed. 

My practice piece.  Picture credit: Lauren Pell

It reminded me of a social media post I had seen of a UFO abducting a cow. I started to wonder if I could alter my design to change the planet into a space ship and, as I am not particularly fond of cows, beam a cat up instead. I also made the decision to make a brooch instead of a necklace as the calculations for the chain hole were too complicated to get right in the time I had available.

My final piece. Picture credit: Lauren Pell
The whole project has taken place over the past eight lessons and I really enjoyed taking control of my own design. I am still working on producing a vinyl logo to place on the presentation box I have made for the brooch and a powerpoint explaining the whole process I went through.

Next I would like to work on a larger item such as a clock, in different shades of red acrylic with decreasing layers building up to the clock face, inspired by this: 

Lobster. Picture credit: https://www.tattydevine.com/products/lobster-necklace-red

MoDiP has some Tatty Devine pieces and other jewellery in the collection that might inspire you with your own projects.

Lauren Pell. (Guest blogger)

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