Monday, 20 May 2019

Student Creative - Heida Jonsdottir

This project started out from the inspiration I got from a blue bowl that is in the MoDiP collection. The idea was to take the shapes from the bowl and make garments that would represent the feel and movement of the pattern in the bowl. I used Clo3D to make my final outcome for this project. Clo3D is a pattern cutting and virtual prototyping system that allows you to get the closest final outcome before manufacture begins. It reduces the waste of production since tests and fittings are done within the system instead of wasting paper and fabric to do so. After a lot of fabric testing for my garments I decided to use a printed fabric. The print came from the bowl that was my starting point for this project.  To see how my garments move around the body I made an animated video of models walking in them. This project was a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge in my field of interest and the feeling of seeing your work presented in a gallery is great. 


Heida Jonsdottir (Student Creative)

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