Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Spice box

Newly acquired by MoDiP as part of the Plastics Historical Collection, is this lovely spice box or masala dabba. 

A masala dabba is used for the short-term storage of the most commonly used spices in Indian cuisine. These containers enable the cook to have their favourite spices to hand without having to open jars, and enables easy and quick blending of the chosen spices. This example is made from compression moulded urea formaldehyde and has a registered design number on the base suggesting that it dates from circa 1949. These spice pots are often made from metal or wood, but this example is from an era when new uses were sought for plastics materials. It is made in a familiar green colour, typical of its time, and hand decorated with a floral design.

If you would like to see this particular object, other objects from the Plastics Historical Society collection or indeed any object in the MoDiP collection not currently on display, please contact a member of the MoDiP team to arrange a visit.

Pam Langdown

Documentation officer

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