Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Be inspired

It’s Induction week for new students here at AUB.  I would like to welcome you all to the new academic year and, for those of you who do not know, take a moment to tell you a bit about the museum.

MoDiP is the only accredited museum in the UK with a focus on plastics. It is the UK's leading resource for the study and interpretation of design in plastics and a specialist research resource within the Arts University Bournemouth.  It has a mission to increase understanding and appreciation of the use and significance of plastics in design during the 20th and 21st century.  Its purpose is to collect, research, interpret and present objects made of, or including components of, plastics, and thus add unique value to the Arts University Bournemouth as a learning resource, a resource for collaborative, experimental and interdisciplinary research, and as a gateway to the AUB's wider environment.

MoDiP is grateful to Research England for its support in recognition of MoDiP's unique and significant contribution to national and international research and scholarship.

We have a focus in design in plastics; however, students do not have to be thinking about plastics to be engaged with our collection.  It is great if they are interested in our material family but if their focus is shape, colour, texture, or simply cups and saucers that is great too.  We can also be a source of information about collecting practice, or provide inspiration for creative thinking.

Students at AUB have worked with us in many different ways, some of which are highlighted in the inspiring case studies on our website.

We are currently showing work created by a number of students in an exhibition called ‘Be inspired’.  It shows how students have explored materials, shown the expertise they gained on their course, explored plastics, and developed new skills.

The Be inspired exhibition displaying the work of AUB students from various courses.
Rebecca Smith used the collection to explore the use of different materials.
Samantha Maclean used an object in the collection to create a scale model.
Adrian Finn (front) explored the origins of plastics and taught himself the skills needed to create a 3D printed object. Carrie Mason (behind) was interested in the collection and used a system to select random objects to inspire her artwork.
Heida Jonsdottir was inspired by a ridged dish to create a flowing garment.  She also used a new software package and developed skills that contributed to her employability.

We welcome researchers from AUB, and beyond, to explore objects in our collection, which can be accessed on our website.  To arrange a research visit please follow the instructions on our viewing and borrowing objects pages.

We look forward to welcoming new and returning AUB students over the coming weeks and hope to work with lots of you during your time at AUB.

Louise Dennis (Curator of MoDiP)

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