Wednesday, 27 November 2019


We all need permission to play sometimes…permission to down tools, permission to stop worrying about deadlines and permission to well, just have a bit of (very sociable) fun. That was partly the idea behind Playtime, but we also saw it as a way of welcoming students into our wonderful museum space - the gateway to the amazing research resource that is MoDiP.

The first session saw students coming in tentatively at first, not quite sure what to expect - but within a few minutes becoming totally absorbed in a strategic game of Connect 4, giggling over a silly game of Funny Bunny or going all out (great for those with a competitive streak) with the fast and furious Hungry Hippos game. And for those with a steady hand, they were even able to defy gravity playing the ‘will they/won’t they’ balancing game comprising of lots of tiny chairs!

We also got the Lego out, all of it, all over the floor and went back to relive those magic moments as a child, when the possibilities of creating whatever you could dream up was at your fingertips.  It is actually a great way to let your creative juices run free, with no expectation of creating a masterpiece at the end of it. It can be a truly liberating experience – and of course it’s lots of fun, which is really the point.
And STOP PRESS, Playtime will be running each Wednesday lunchtime in MoDiP (12-2pm) from now until Christmas (except for Wednesday 4thDecember).  And talking of Christmas, look out for our Christmas Lego Challenge coming very soon – we want you to create six themed Christmas cameos during December, take selfies and share the festive fun on Instagram (tagging MoDiP of course!)

Julia Pulman, Museum Digital Communications Officer.

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