Wednesday, 13 October 2021

AUB Materials Library

As you may know MoDiP is situated in the AUB Library, what you might not know about is another fantastic resource that resides in same building, the Materials Library 

The Materials Library. Image credit: Louise Dennis

You can find out more information by scanning the samples. Image credit: Louise Dennis

The drawers of intrigue.  Image credit: Louise Dennis

The AUB Materials Library is a collection of new and innovative product samples including ceramics, plastics, glass, paper, metal, timber and much more.  The purpose of the collection is to inspire and offer ideas in support of creative practice, as well as providing a knowledge of materials, their properties and applications. Each material sample in the Library features a unique QR code that can be scanned into the software. Scanning the QR code opens an information data sheet for the material, including its location within the Materials Library and links to the manufacturer’s website.

A few of the materials samples. Image credit: Louise Dennis
A glittery acyrlic sample.  Image credit: Louise Dennis

A selection of samples. Image credit: Louise Dennis

It is easy to get lost down a rabbit hole of curiosity just by pulling open a drawer and having a rummage.  For obvious reasons I gravitate towards the plastics materials but you soon drift away to something else.  If you are visiting MoDiP, I would heartily recommend a wander to the far corner of the ground floor of the building and having an explore.  

Louise Dennis, Curator of MoDiP

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