Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Bee Saviour Behaviour card

Just before Christmas, MoDiP acquired a Bee Saviour Behaviour card (refer image below).

The Bee Saviour Behaviour card shown front (top, left) and
back (bottom, left) alongside packaging (right).
Image credit: Katherine Pell

It is an easy-to-carry bee rescue kit that contains a sugar solution which can help revive exhausted bees. Consisting of a credit card shaped piece of plastic with three hexagon shaped depressions moulded into the reverse side, these are filled with the solution which is then sealed in place with a sticker that can be peeled back when needed. Placed on the ground beside the bee, the insect will crawl onto the card and feed.

Image credit: Dan Harper

Injection moulded in recycled polypropylene, the source material is recovered from used DVD cases collected by the maker, Precious Plastic East, from local charity shops. The video below demonstrates the whole manufacturing process.

The company built their machinery to clean, shred and manufacture plastics based on blueprints from Dutch company, One Army, part of the international Precious Plastic global movement.

Image credit: Dan Harper

The Bee Saviour Behaviour card comes with full instructions for use on the reverse and is accompanied by an information booklet and badge. It is a lovely way of helping bees and reducing plastics waste, and once the sugar solution has been all used up, you can return the card to the company for refilling in order to use it again. 

This fabulous object will feature in our upcoming exhibition, Reuse, opening 17th March 2023.

Katherine Pell
Collections Officer

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