Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Look-Here! End of project conference

On the 8th February 2011 the MoDiP team attended the Look-Here! end of project conference (link to vads blog).  The project looked at ways of digitising museum, library and archive collections to create better access to the artefacts housed. 
I have attended the 6-weekly meetings of the project which ran for 18 months.  These meetings have proved to be very interesting and useful for MoDiP.  They have given us the opportunity to network with other University collections and share our experiences and lessons-learnt whilst working on our own digitisation project in 2008-2009, and as such our case study and presentation at the conference reflected on our work on this JISC funded project.

During the lifetime of the project I have very much enjoyed sharing images of our collection with the project partners.  Mr Potato Head has been a popular ambassador for MoDiP.

More information about the project and the conference can be found on the vads website including the PowerPoints presented by the project partners.  The case studies presented will become available the Look-Here! web pages in due course.

Louise Dennis, (Assistant Curator)

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