Monday, 14 March 2011

How students and staff use the collection #4

The MoDiP collection is used in many different ways by the AUB’s students and staff.  Back in October 2010 a member of the teaching staff, Sarah Charles from the FdA Fashion Design and Technology, rang me up to request ‘some weird things, the more bizarre the better’.  At MoDiP we love a challenge!

The FdA Fashion display as part of the MoDiP Highlights exhibition

Butterfly napkin holder, 1950s
The eventual outcome was part of the Personal Planning Reflection and Development unit.  
Byson Stair Clips. 
The students working on this project set up their own blog to document their work.
2nd year BA/FdA Fashion Design and Technology students were given just three weeks to team up and put together a presentation, display boards and a blog to record their team efforts and progress.
Cake box, 1950s
Each team was given an obscure, unbranded object from the MoDiP collection, and asked to design a promotional lifestyle brand based on it.

Tupperware Icing Ball, 2005

This was the first time this project had been undertaken and tutors who viewed the presentations were impressed with their quality and the depth of research given the timescale allowed.

Paper hat, circa 2001

Student feedback was very positive. They enjoyed the fact that the object was unrelated to fashion. It made them think ‘outside the box’ and removed some of the anxiety giving them the freedom to be more experimental.

PA Designs toothbrush holder, 2007
If you would like to know more about this project please contact MoDiP by phone or email.

Louise Dennis, (Assistant Curator)

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