Monday, 6 February 2012

Chinese Design and Culture

MoDiP has a stand alone case at the top of the library stairs. Here we like to show research by AUB staff where it can be related to our collection.

In celebration of the Chinese New Year Kirsten Hardie, Principal Lecturer and National Teaching Fellow, chose to display a number of items relating to Chinese design and culture from MoDiP, AUB library book stock and from her personal collection.  

The display in situ

Small green shoes,
Chinese Opera characters made from paper,
Embroidered shoes,
Jianzi- a weighted feather sports item. The feather shuttlecock is kicked into the air and must be kept mid air by using the body, but not the hands (all K. Hardie Collection),
 Composition doll (MoDiP),
Ko, Dorothy. (2002) Every Step a Lotus: Shoes for Bound Feet.

Embroidered jacket,
mandarin hat,
wooden shoes (All MoDiP)
Lai see - at New Year children receive money in a red paper envelope.
Communist propaganda ceramic figure
Communist propaganda brooch
Chinese Communist design inspired contemporary coffee pot. (All K. Hardie Collection)

Assorted packaging (MoDiP & K. Hardie Collection)

Text and display by Kirsten Hardie, Principal Lecturer and National Teaching Fellow

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