Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Inspired by MoDiP

MoDiP is currenlty showing some work by AUB Level 5 FdA in Textiles students as part of the unit:  Innovation for Textiles Practice.  

Students were asked to draw a variety of artefacts from MoDiP’s collection arranged as still lives and to develop from them a vocabulary of simple geometric shapes: stripes, circles, squares, spots and lines. The imagery was to be deliberately simple as the emphasis of the unit was on using a variety of techniques and processes at the same time.

The required outcome of the unit was a sketchbook showing the development of ideas with an evaluation of the techniques and processes used plus a portfolio of creative experimental work. The work was produced over a period of four weeks. The skills and techniques learnt were subsequently to be used in the Contemporary Textiles for Professional Practice unit for a more specific outcome.
MoDiP would like to thank the following students for allowing us to display their work:

  • Abby Start
  • Freya Gardner
  • Gemma Bullen
  • Georgia Bocchetta
  • Katherine Harnett
  • Ruby Smith
  • Sarah Farsi
  • Sarah King
  • Stephanie Dyson
  • Terri Peay

To find out more about the project and see the work produced by the students please follow the link to the Inspired by MoDiP web pages.

Louise Dennis, (Assistant Curator)

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