Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Wunderkammer - Emma McKinney

(PhD Studentship available at AUB http://www.modip.ac.uk/resources/PhD-Studentship)

This piece by Emma McKinney is part of the BA Hons Fine Art project Wunderkammer

Peoples Plastics, Various plastics

Emma says: Whilst looking through the MoDiP collection I came to realise anyone, no matter what their financial circumstances, could own something that is worthy of being displayed in the museum. I invited participants to take part in an exchange event in which they would swap a plastic object of their own for a ‘MoDiP coin’ that I have created especially for the event. I now have my own collection of the ‘people’s plastics’ which I will be displaying in the museum, changing the display according to various classifications every few days. By using the participants’ objects and giving them a ‘genuine artefact’ in return I am hoping to contrast the hierarchies of the museum context.
Peoples Plastics, Various plastics

 Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)

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