Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wunderkammer - Ingrid Follert Yanez

(PhD Studentship available at AUB

This piece by Ingrid Follert Yanez is part of the BA Hons Fine Art project Wunderkammer

Handmade objects, PVC

Ingrid says: It hadn't struck me how much we use plastic until I saw MoDiP's collection. I was fascinated by how we use this material in our every day lives and how its versatility contributes to this.

To make a new object or give another purpose to an already existing one was of no interest to me. It is only an intact sheet of plastic that would allow me to understand this material through experimentation. I explored form, shape and movement, looking at an object for its aesthetic value rather than function. These objects are not meant to be practical or associative but a result of experimentation of the medium of plastic. 

Handmade objects, PVC
 Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)

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