Friday, 10 July 2015

Did you know? #23

Did you know that you have less than a month to buy your ticket to our Provocative Plastics Conference at the Early Bird rate?

We have some really exciting speakers discussing the following themes:

  • Plastic reality: the provocative nature of plastics
This session will focus on the challenging reality of plastics in promotion, product and packaging. #PlasticReality
  • Plastic environment: plastics and world sustainability
This session will focus on ways to improve the impact of plastics on the environment. #PlasticEnvironment
  • Plastic muse: the inspirational characteristics of plastic
This session will focus on how the different characteristics of plastic materials can contribute to creativity. #PlasticMuse
  • Plastic printing: 3D printing as inspiration
This session will focus on the potential of 3D printing as a resource for artists and as a contributor to public appreciation of plastic materials. #PlasticPrinting
  • Plastic legacy: plastics remembered
This session will focus on issues relating to plastics heritage within museums. #PlasticLegacy
  • Plastic value: the emotional and economic price of plastics
This session will focus on plastics in relation to different value systems and their changing fortunes within these value systems. #PlasticValue


Don't miss out on this great rate.

Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)

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