Friday, 24 July 2015

Did you know? #24

Did you know that you know that we will be encouraging live tweeting at our conference?

Each theme will have its own hashtag so that delegates can respond to our speakers and join in the debate.

We have some really exciting speakers discussing the following themes:

  • Plastic reality: the provocative nature of plastics
This session will focus on the challenging reality of plastics in promotion, product and packaging. #PlasticReality
  • Plastic environment: plastics and world sustainability
This session will focus on ways to improve the impact of plastics on the environment. #PlasticEnvironment
  • Plastic muse: the inspirational characteristics of plastic
This session will focus on how the different characteristics of plastic materials can contribute to creativity. #PlasticMuse
  • Plastic printing: 3D printing as inspiration
This session will focus on the potential of 3D printing as a resource for artists and as a contributor to public appreciation of plastic materials. #PlasticPrinting
  • Plastic legacy: plastics remembered
This session will focus on issues relating to plastics heritage within museums. #PlasticLegacy
  • Plastic value: the emotional and economic price of plastics
This session will focus on plastics in relation to different value systems and their changing fortunes within these value systems. #PlasticValue


Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)

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