Friday, 4 March 2016

Did you know? #38

Did you know that all of our past exhibitions are available online?

Ways of seeing plastics

This was the first exhibition to be mounted since plastics became the museum's focus.
The exhibition presents different approaches to the study of products made of plastic. We hope it will fuel discussion about what does and does not work and thus contribute to the content of exhitions in the future.

The artefacts in each group are presented together in order to encourage you to think about them in a specific way, each group addressing a different approach.
The areas the groups of artefacts explore are:

  • the materials of which they are made
  • the methods of their manufacture
  • the decade of their production
  • the subject of which they are a part
  • a design principle they have in common
  • a form they share
  • the context of their use
  • the characteristics of a single product
  Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)

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