Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Sian de Jong - Student Creative

This is my second blog post for the student in creative position with the Museum of Design in Plastics. Throughout the project I have been constantly reflecting on the interviews I conducted with the museum team and the selected objects that arose from these discussions.

I have ordered the exact replica of these objects in order to handle and use in my project. The classic green garden chair, Hazel the rabbit napkin holder and shower cord from Sarah Bayley’s plastic handbag. I was unable to find a Ming vase or an object of similar shape to use, instead I will be taking inspiration from its 22.2cm diameter and its seven tiers. 

Garden chiar - AIBDC : 007140
Hazel - AIBDC : 006667

Sarah Bayley' Rhoda bag - AIBDC : 005902
My piece seems to be revolving around math calculations to work out circumferences of the various sized circles to create a tiered effect sculpture. These tiers are inspired by the Ming vase that is in the museum collection.

Ming vase - AIBDC : 007036
Ming vase - AIBDC : 007036

I will be working with clear perspex acrylic material to create a final piece to exhibit in the middle of April. I will be using processes such as the vacuum former, line bender and plastic fusing. I have ordered five sheets of perspex casting plastic sized to fit the vacuum former.

This week I am going to begin constructing the rings of the tiers, the smallest ring being 6cm and the largest 50cm. I will also start experimenting with the vacuum former to recreate features of the selected objects in the clear Perspex acrylic. These features or particular areas of the objects will be integrated within the piece on display. Parts of the objects will be recognisable to the audience and encourage them to try figure out which object it has come from.

Below are some images of my sketchbook and the making process:


Sian de Jong (Student Creative)

Sian de Jong is a final year BA (hons) Fine Art student at the Arts University Bournemouth.

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