Friday, 15 April 2016

Now showing - Design for childhood

Design for childhood: pre-school plastics
15th April - 7th October 2016

Designing products for young children and babies is different from designing for adults.  The designer has two audiences to please; the child with its specific physical and sensory needs, and the adult who will be purchasing the product.

Plastics materials offer safety and comfort in the form of smooth, moulded surfaces with softly contoured edges, hygienic feeding equipment, and insulated temperature control.  The bright colours, and high contrasts that can be achieved with plastics enable babies to see shapes easily, and the moulded ergonomic shapes help children learn to sit well and hold tools.

This exhibition explores a number of areas where designers have utilised the specific properties of plastics materials to create products that fulfil the needs of both the child and the care giver. 

Find out more: Design for childhood: pre-school plastics

Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)

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