Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Sian de Jong - project overview

My student in creative residency has come to an end after a period of 6 months. During this project I have worked alongside the museum and the museum’s team to research and find inspiration for a piece of artwork. I gained my direct inspiration from the informal interviews individually held with the members of staff. Four conversations were held expressing their selves, their involvement, relationship with the museum and particulars about certain objects in the collection. 

I based my project mainly upon three objects, Garden Chair, Hazel Rabbit and Ming Vase. I focused on the features and qualities of each of these objects.

Incorporating the aspects into the final art piece, I used the shape and tiers of the Ming Vase, the vertical support structure of the Garden Chair and the outline design of Hazel Rabbit.

Creating and building each part took plenty of measurements and calculations to ensure the correct diameter, circumference, heights and widths. 

Each section took preparation work, especially the plastic rings required individual formers for each ring size in which the heated acrylic plastic to be wrapped around to keep its shape. The only challenge that I faced was ensuring enough support from the chair leg running through the center to manage all the weight. 

My work is now on display in the Arts University library on the bottom floor. One cabinet holds the supportive material and the second holds the final piece itself. 

Sian de Jong (Student Creative)

Sian de Jong is a final year BA (hons) Fine Art student at the Arts University Bournemouth.

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