Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Student Creative: Dorine Bessière

This year we have three Student Creatives working with MoDiP.  Over the next three weeks we will get them to introduce themsleves to you.  First Dorine Bessièr:

I am an MA Commercial Photography student specialising in still life. Having studied
photography, art and drawing for several years in Paris I wish to propose to the MoDiP
museum a project about photographic and illustrative still life composition and colour. I
intend to use plastic toys from the collection to inspire a series of illustrative pictures based
on the theme of The Game.

I plan to use one colourful and playful object per picture. I intend to start from a photograph
that I will then paint numerically on, using the Photoshop software. I also wish to reinterpret
a realistic image and high quality picture by simplifying the colour’s surface through a
numerical treatment. In this work I will challenge the visible. The objective is to simplify the
reading of the image removing details. Through these highly graphic and colourful images I
will highlight the significance of plastic as a material and in turn MoDiP’s collection.

Moreover, this body of work created especially for MoDiP would be closely
related with my ongoing projects and research made through my MA work at AUB. As childhood is a recurrent theme in my work, I will question the concept of the game but also how it is played. As photographing still life is for me a game, I am constructing and deconstructing my set and working on my own as a child discovering my environment.

Here is an example of the kind of work I may produce:  

Dorine Bessière. (2016).
 Oil and vinegar bottles.

Dorine Bessièr

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