Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Student Creative - Rebecca Smith

This year we have three Student Creatives working with MoDiP, we have asked them to introduce themselves. Our second student is Rebecca Smith:

I am currently in my second year studying Architecture at the Arts University Bournemouth and think this opportunity with MoDiP to be a student creative is a fantastic way to understand plastics further and to explore how they can be integrated into my work using the MoDiP collection as a resource.

Materials are a very influential and important part of my work, in particular their form and shape and how they dictate the evolution of a design. Using the MoDiP collection for inspiration, and in particular, some of the lighting items, I will be recreating pieces in more architectural materials, experimenting with detail and size.

 The chosen pieces are:

The next stage of this project will be to visit the collection to look at the pieces in more detail and try to determine how they were constructed and what methods were used to create the textures within the plastics.

Using this research, I will develop a series of lampshades taking the textures further, by integrating them with architectural and construction materials such as concrete, wood and copper. 

I feel this exploratory and hands on approach to recreating some of the pieces will not only test my current skills within making, but push my learning. I wish to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of what MoDiP do, and to look into how plastics are used in design. By engaging with the collection from an architectural approach, I hope my work will help students to think more creatively about form, texture and shape, using design in plastics as a starting point, and allowing them to see how this can be taken into a myriad of other disciplines, including architecture and larger scale design projects.

Rebecca Smith
Student Creative

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