Friday, 17 June 2011

Isnaini Nash - You can do it with plastics

The following is part of the response to the You can do it with plastics request by AUB staff and students.

Isnaini Nash - BA (Hons) Fine Art, year 2

My research has led me to consider the macro / micro dichotomy of human existence on Earth in this century. Our known natural environment enlarges continuously and we have an increasing understanding of the vastness of the Universe through knowledge and observation of planetary systems, stars and galaxies. The science of physics increases our understanding of matter and it’s composition; ever decreasing particles of atoms, sub atomic particles, quarks and tachyons. I see these, often minute physical components of our world made vivid when set against a background of historical theories of existential philosophies and the art theories of the sublime.

Caspar’s luna eclipse 2010. Resin, acetate, acrylic and oil paint

With aspirations to become a jeweller before studying Fine Art, my work resembles glowing, glittering jewels. Small, crafted, other-worlds encapsulating moments of stillness. Contemplation through looking is my intention. I use resin as a material to achieve an outcome of transmitting and refracting light.

I am interested in reviving Romantic ideals established in the nineteenth century as
pertinent to the present. I can feel the cracking of our commercially driven world as I
look to a future where capitalism is irrelevant.

Caspar’s luna eclipse 2010. Resin, acetate, acrylic and oil paint

Masters of the Universe 2010. Resin, acetate, oil paint

Landing on Planet Mongo 2010. Resin, acetate and linseed oil

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