Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Julia Flatman - You can do it with plastics

The following is part of the response to the You can do it with plastics request by AUB staff and students.

Julia Flatman - Senior Associate Lecturer, Fine Art

Caister Men Never Turn Back, 2011
Julia’s current research explores the notion of ‘Material Thinking’. This is the physical exploration of ‘material’ as a means of understanding and communicating beyond language, by exploring the inherent qualities of materials, process and form and their potential to mobilize memory and convey meaning.

Julia makes work about and in response to human vulnerability; the inspiration is often a story, an old wives’ tale or a superstition. By exploiting the emotional connotations and varying the use and context of objects away from their familiar references, she hopes to engage other possibilities with no settling conclusions.

Caister Men Never Turn Back, 2011

Caister Men Never Turn Back, 2011

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