Thursday, 2 June 2011

Robin Mackenzie - You can do it with plastics

The following is part of the response to the You can do it with plastics request by AUB staff and students.

Robin Mackenzie - BA (Hons) Illustration, year 2

The Bucket People
The Bucket People came about from exploring traditions that may be wasted or lost in the future, activities such as wassailing, conker fights and real afternoon tea.  These, and many other old customs are such a huge part of our culture and heritage, it would be such an awful shame if they were forgotten.

The pieces are of course based around the plastic buckets; I wanted to offset these old traditions with the new and the colourful.  This is coupled alongside the acrylic paintings; they stare out from a different time, wanting you to join with them, to live and breathe tradition once again.

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