Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A walk in the park

Plastics spotting in Bournemouth's lower gardens

A cold February morning stroll through Bournemouth's lower gardens provided a few unexpected opportunities to indulge in a bit of plastics spotting. 

I am not quite sure how this lonely traffic cone ended up in the stream but it provided a bit of a warm glow in the otherwise bleak featureless water. 

Ever hopeful of a customer the kiosk proudly advertised its selection of ice creams with a four foot high replica ‘99’ complete with strawberry syrup. Hmm. A bit optimistic, it was only 4°C with a wind chill factor of about -20 blowing off the sea. 

This jolly chap promised the opportunity of something a bit more warming, but they do say
that you should never trust a skinny chef so perhaps another time......

Temporary fencing made from high visibility HDPE cordoned off an area of grass struggling to recover after a winter of being used for the ice rink...


and a little further on a flight in the unmissable balloon was tempting if you had your thermals on.

And finally, as if I wasn't cold enough, another opportunity for an ice cream. Roll on the summer!

Pam Langdown (Collections Manager)

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