Friday, 20 March 2015

Did you know? #18

Did you know that, like all other museums, MoDiP has a collection policy which dictates what we do and don't collect.  The whole document can be found on our website along with our mission and purpose statements.

In order for an object to be accepted into the collection it needs to meet one of the following criteria:
  • be made entirely of plastic.
  • have plastic components specifically designed for it.
  • have standard plastic components which contribute to its form.
  • have standard plastic components vital to the function of the product.
  • provide information on the manufacture, marketing or reception of plastic products. 
It must also do one of the following:
  • Be a design of interest, for example
    • an especially good or bad design, or one that exemplifies an interesting theme of design.
    • a design that increases understanding of the potential of a particular plastic.
    • a design that increases understanding of a particular manufacturing technique.
  • Provide insight into the society
    • of which it was a part, for example reflect the way of life or taste of a certain period in a particularly evocative manner. 
    • raise issues relevant to the society of which it was/is a part, for example environmental issues today. 
  •  Be documented in such a way as it adds to plastics history, for example:
    • be designed by a known designer or manufactured by an identified factory. 
    • have a provenance that contributes to an understanding of the consumption of plastic artefacts. 
    • be precisely datable 
Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)

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