Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Next week (23rd -29th March 2015) is Museum Week on Twitter.  It is an opportunity for museums and visitors to share ideas and ask questions of each other.   MoDiP is going to attempt to show people what we do and why we do it along side lots of other museums around the world.

The week has been split up into themed days with additional hashtags to help everyone follow along:
Monday 23rd #secretsMW - we will be sharing some MoDiP secrets with you.

Tuesday 24th #souvenirsMW - this is all about museum memories, gift shops and souvenirs We have lots of souvenirs in our collection and we will be sharing a few of them. 

Wednesday 25th #architectureMW - the AUB is in the process of building a spectacular drawing studio, we will discuss this and what it means to the students and MoDiP.

Thursday 26th #inspirationMW - be inspired by MoDiP and its plastics specialism.  We will have fun #plasticsspotting why not join in? 

Friday 27th #familyMW - we are going to look at some of the families we have in the collection.

Saturday 28th #favMW - today we will look at some of our favourite objects in the museum, what are your favs? 

Sunday 29th #poseMW - MoDiP is closed on Sundays but if you fancy sharing some poses, memes and selfies you have created earlier in the week that would be fantastic.

Why not join in and follow us on twitter/MoDiPAUB, it should be lots of fun - and will be great to see what other museums and their visitors are up to.

Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)

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